Speak With Confidence: A New Initiative

Speak With Confidence Professor and Student
Professor Cara Fulton and student preparing for a debate.
October 27, 2017

In Fall 2017, the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program launched a pilot initiative called Speak With Confidence: An Oral Academic Workshop Series for International Students in order to address the program’s learning objective of developing oral communication skills. All GW international students were invited to register for the workshop series, whether or not they were currently taking an EAP course.

At first, EAP had planned to launch one workshop series for 12 students, but due to overwhelming student response, three additional series (for a total of 48 students) were opened with support from the International Services Office and the Columbian College of Arts & Sciences.

At each workshop, international students engage in activities like debates, classroom presentations, classroom discussion practice, and even business pitches. In the photograph above, Professor Cara Fulton and her student partner prepare for a debate about nuclear power.

EAP is currently offering the Speak with Confidence workshop series in the spring semester, and hopes to continue offering workshops in Fall 2018. Keep your eyes open for the application by “liking” the EAP Facebook page.