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"Global Diversity in the Classroom: A Framework for Faculty Empowerment" provides a curated collection of resources for faculty, taking a reflective and strengths-based approach to pedagogy for today’s globally diverse classrooms.

This guide, which was designed by the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program, draws on the unique interdisciplinary and pedagogical expertise of EAP faculty and the program’s commitment to supporting and valuing international students in our campus community. We hope the guide encourages faculty to reorient their practice and their thinking, promoting faculty empowerment in an increasingly diversifying higher educational context and working to offset deficit discourses.

Global Diversity in the Classroom: A Framework for Faculty Empowerment


About This Guide


Who It Serves

Most of the information on these pages caters to international students who speak English as a second or additional language, sometimes referred to as second language (L2) students, multilingual students or culturally and linguistically diverse students.

Though it’s common to refer to them as international students, it is important to note this is not a monolithic group. International students at GW come from a variety of linguistic, cultural and educational backgrounds — even if they hail from the same country. Keeping this diversity in mind helps us guard against making sweeping generalizations or assuming that we ”know” our students simply by knowing which country they come from or which language they speak.


How to Use It

You can take a deep dive into specific aspects of this resource or grab what you need at critical moments. We hope you will use this guide to:

  • Better understand GW international students and empower them for success
  • Address specific areas of concern in teaching international students
  • Experiment with new teaching techniques and innovate your curriculum
  • Engage in faculty professional development
  • Learn about GW support resources


GW's Global Landscape: International Students, Countries and Majors represented




Contact Us

This faculty resource is a work in progress, and we would love your input. Feel free to share resources, ideas, questions or concerns with EAP at [email protected].