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Course Descriptions

See detailed descriptions of EAP courses and credit details as you plan for the upcoming semester.


Learn more about who is required to take EAP courses, as well as specific requirements for undergraduate and graduate students.


Course Eligibility

The EAP Program primarily teaches courses for international students who are pursuing degrees at GW. EAP courses are required for students whose scores fall within established ranges in placement exams. However, certain other students may also register for EAP courses:


Audit Policy

Unregistered audits are not allowed in EAP classes. EAP does not participate in GW’s Alumni Course Audit Program. Non-degree students interested in auditing an EAP class may officially register for a class provided that there is space available and they have permission from the instructor and/or the EAP program director.


"As an international student, I faced a lot of difficulties in writing papers in my first semester in GW. I took an EAP class second semester, and I not only built a solid foundation of my writing skills but also was encouraged to get much more involved in classes. I did a great job in all my other writing intensive classes later on."

Yuyang Chen
GW Business School, BBA '14

Yuyang Chen