New Section of EAP 6111 for Statistics and Data Science

August 01, 2017
This fall the EAP Program will be offering a new (pilot) course geared towards international students in Statistics and Data Science. The course will be offered at the 6111 level and is currently scheduled for TR 11:10 AM-12:25 PM. Please see the course description below.
With questions re: registration for the course, please feel free to email the main EAP address: [email protected]

EAP6111 for Statistics and Data Science, TR 11:10-12:25

Course description:

The course focuses on aspects of academic writing and professional communication relevant for Statistics and Data Science. Through class activities and materials, students will be able to understand and analyze how writing and communication support typical problems and rhetorical situations in Statistics and Data Science. Students will learn how to assess and respond to communicative expectations of standard data-related tasks, such as asking, discussing, and documenting relevant research questions, visualizing, describing, and explaining data, communicating research claims with an appropriate degree of certainty, and reporting on data-based research (both orally and in writing).