J. M. Paiz

EAP Professor J. Paiz

J. M. Paiz

Teaching Assistant Professor in EAP



Email: J. M. Paiz
801 22nd Street NW Washinton DC 20052

Dr. J. M. Paiz is a Teaching Assistant Professor within the English for Academic Purposes Program at George Washington University.  They hold a doctorate in Teaching English as a Second Language (Purdue), as well as graduate certificates in Computer Sciences (GW) and Teaching Writing (The University of Toledo). Ever the lifelong learner, Dr. Paiz also possesses professional certifications in Data Analytics, Language Program Management, and Blended Teaching/Learning. Their research primarily focuses on the intersection of machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence in English language teaching, in addition to fostering more inclusive pedagogical approaches for gender and sexual minorities in English language classrooms.


Currently, Dr. Paiz is completing work on two books. The first, Collaborative AI: Artificial Intelligence, Expertise, and Pedagogy in English Language Teaching (Equinox, UK), focuses on outlining a collaborative approach to generative AI in ELT contexts to provide practitioners with research-backed recommendations to drive student learning while respecting the expertise of the human instructor. They have also recently finished a second book with Drs. Toncelli and Kostka (Northeastern), titled Artificial Intelligence, Real Teaching: A Guide to AI in ELT (the University of Michigan Press) in which they walk English language instructors through the basics of AI literacy and using AI tools to empower their teaching practices. They are also writing a series of chapters and articles examining the ethical and pedagogical implications of generative AI, such as GPT-4 and LaMDA, in ELT settings. This investigation has guided their collaboration with Dr. Ghada Gherwash from Colby College on the application of generative AI in writing center practices. Concurrently, they are utilizing natural language processing to analyze publication trends in the field of computer-assisted language learning, alongside Dr. Kasumi Yamazaki from the University of Toledo.


Dr. Paiz also recently finished an appointment with the U.S. Department of State and the English Language Specialist on AI in Education for Bahrain. This posting, part of the prestigious English Language Programs, saw Dr. Paiz working closely with Bahrain Teachers College to prepare teacher-educators to address the seemingly growing role of AI systems in education. They also advised college leadership on future faculty professional development and AI policy at the college level. Their work in this role also saw them working closely with the Bahrain Ministry of Education to address AI literacy for K-12 teachers in the country.


Recent Publications

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