EAP Professor J. M. Paiz Publishes Collaborative Research on Queer-inclusive Pedagogy in Thailand with Walailak University’s Dr. Mark Ulla

November 21, 2023

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Walailak University and George Washington University – EAP Program are pleased to share the collaborative work of Dr. Mark Ulla and Dr. J. M. Paiz, "Queer Pedagogy in TESOL: Teachers' Perspectives and Attitudes in Thai ELT Classrooms," recently published online first with RELC Journal. Their research offers a thoughtful examination of how English language teachers in Thailand perceive and apply queer pedagogies. The findings highlight a general recognition of the importance of including sexual and gender diversity in language education, despite a lack of widespread knowledge on the subject. The paper concludes with practical suggestions for teacher training and classroom practice, aimed at improving inclusivity in language learning settings.