EAP Director Publishes Book on International Student Writers

International Students in First-Year Writing Book Cover
March 08, 2018

We are very excited to announce that the Director of English for Academic Purposes Dr. Megan Siczek has released her book, International Students in First-Year Writing: A Journey Through Socio-Academic Space

The book details her study which featured multiple interviews with 10 international students enrolled in a mainstream first-year university writing course. The students' responses reveal both their classroom experiences as well as inspiring stories that advocate for students outside the dominant culture and linguistic community in which they are studying. Along the way, important questions are raised regarding how this study can inform practices and policies relative to the internationalization of education, how it can impact daily instruction when it comes to meeting the expectations of "university-level writing," and finally what we can learn from these students and about ourselves by interacting with each other.

EAP is very proud to announce the release of this illuminating work and highly recommends that everyone who is interested in developing a global perspective pick up a copy!

You can purchase the book at this link.