Obtaining a GWID, GW NetID, and GWorld Card

In order to get started as a new employee at GWU, you will need to follow these steps:

1.     Obtain a GWID. A GWID is your identification number as a GW employee. It will be a number you use for daily functions at the University such as completing your timesheets, or logging into your employee profile to view benefits, etc. It is also used by the University in place of your Social Security Number. As a new employee you must obtain your GWID by:

a.     Logging into the GWeb Information Systems Page:

1) Visit the myGW (my.gwu.edu) web site and click on the 'gweb info system' link on the left side of the screen or click here

2) Log into the GWeb Information System by entering your Social Security Number in the 'User ID' field and your default PIN in the 'PIN' field. As a first time user, your PIN will be your birth date in either MMDDYY or MMYY99 format.

3) Once you login, you will be required to choose a new PIN, set a security question, and answer and agree to the Terms of Use. 

4) By clicking the 'Faculty' tab on GWeb, you can view your class rosters and submit grades. 

b.     Visit the following link: http://www.gwid.gwu.edu/

1) Select the “Retrieve your GWID now!” button. It will direct you to a “terms of use” webpage. At the bottom of the page, you must click on the “I must agree…” verbiage to continue.

2) You will be directed to a webpage with options for how to obtain your GWID. Select “Alternate ID + PIN.” You will be prompted for your alternate ID and PIN. You should then be assigned a GWID.

2.     Obtain a GW NetID. Once you have your GWID, you can obtain a GW NetID. This ID will also be necessary for daily use. You will use it to log into your my.gwu.edu portal and your GW email account. In order to do so,

a.     Visit the following link: http://helpdesk.gwu.edu/accounts

1) Select the “Click here” option next to the “Student, Staff and Faculty” header. You will be taken to a new webpage. There, you must

2) Select the “Claim an Account” Option. You will be directed to a new webpage, where you must

3) Provide your GWID, Last Name and Birth Date and select the “I accept the policies” option box.

4) Then press on “Claim an Account.” Follow the instructions on the next page to complete this step.

3.     Obtain a GWorld Card. This is your physical ID card. Every staff person must have it. Some University doors (e.g. the CS Department in the Academic Center, 7th floor) lock at night and on the weekend and are accessible only by swiping your GWorld card. In order to obtain your GWorld Card, please:

a.     Fill out the following form: https://services.jsatech.com/custom/gwu/application_form.pdf

b.     Take it with you to the GWorld Card Office, which is located on the ground floor of the Marvin Center, at 800 21st Street. The staff there will issue you a GWorld Card.



 *Adapted from the GW Computer Science Program Website