English for Academic Purposes Program

English for Academic Purposes ProgramHoused in the Language Center, The GW English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program serves enrolled students of GWU, both graduate and under-graduate, who are non-native speakers of English. The program teaches students the critical thinking, research and writing skills that form the basis of success in the academic and professional worlds.

In addition to the EAP Writing Support Program, the GW Writing Center conducts free, one-on-one sessions with undergraduate and graduate students to assist students with course writing assignments, research papers, theses, and personal statements.


Writing Support Program

The EAP Writing Support Program offers a free, one-on-one, service for GWU students with non-English backgrounds at the Language Center, Phillips Hall 210B during regular semesters. Our tutors are available during any stage of the writing process to work on audience, brainstorming, citation, drafting, evidence, grammar, organization and flow, outlining, paragraphing, revision, thesis, and tone. In addition they are trained to provide focused support for non-native speakers. Visit our appointment website to make an appointment.

An online comment box is now available for the EAP writing support program. Let us know about your visit and help us improve our program!