EAP Student Testimonials


Ligia Aranda photo"I am so grateful to have taken EAP 6111 with Professor Natalia Dolgova. While I am bilingual, I never really learned to write well.  In the past, I struggled in completing writing assignments, feeling overwhelmed as I began them, staring at a blank page. I found it difficult to start writing, synthesize the literature to support my arguments, and organize my thoughts. This course provided helpful tools to get the writing process started and done. For example, we first learned about the Create a Research Space (CARS) model, by John Swales, for writing the introduction to an academic paper. Further into the course, we learned about the moves for the remaining sections. Professor Dolgova gave us very practical assignments to apply what we were learning through her lectures, handouts, and textbook. I also appreciated class discussions and that each class was well organized. Time flew by with all that we had to accomplish during the class. I was also impressed with the level of feedback we received on all of our assignments. By addressing her comments on my assignments, I learned what I could do to make my writing more clear. I recall Professor Dolgova saying at the beginning of the course that academic writing may be considered easier than creative writing in that one can learn to apply standard patterns or follow certain procedures. I was a little skeptical when I heard her say that, but after one semester, I gained confidence I had all the writing tools to tackle my dissertation without fear! This is an excellent course for students who find writing academic papers a challenge."

-Esther Aranda, Global Health Doctoral Student-




"Professor Siczek was so nice and patient in guiding us with papers, and I learned a lot of writing skills from her, which led to my outstanding academic work in all my other writing intensive classes. As an international student who came with my TOEFL score below 100, I faced a lot of difficulties in writing papers in my first semester in GW. I got a B in my comparative politics class (which was the lowest grade I had in GW) due to my poorly developed papers. I went on and took EAP class in the second semester. I really enjoyed the class experience. As we only had about 10 students in class, each one of us got the chance to share ideas and interact with the professor. I not only built a solid foundation of my writing skills but also was encouraged to get much more involved in classes. Thanks to the EAP class, I did a great job in all my other writing intensive classes later on in my college years. Even though most of my classmates were native speakers afterwards, I became much more confident in writing and got As in all of the writing classes"

-Yuyang Chen, Zhejiang, China, GWSB class of 2014-



"After attending English for Academic Purposes (EAP) classes I realized how fun writing can be in a different language. I’ve learned different writing techniques which are currently helping me writing my academic papers in my current graduate Program (Master of Science in Finance). The writing techniques I have learned so far are how to organize and plan an academic paper which is comprehensible, related to subject matter and logical to the readers. I also have learned how to analyze, critique and evaluate resources, and finally how to express and translate a main idea of a subject matter. I strongly believe it is very beneficial for international students to take EAP classes. Because not only this courses prepare you for your academic writing, but they also teach and well prepare you for your future career. I would like to thank Professor Sayidina as my EAP (6110) professor for all of her hard work, and making writing in a different language more fun for me and my classmates."


-Namig Ahmadov, Baku, Azerbaijan, Class of 2016-  




"Throughout this course I learned many things, among them to use efficient methods of investigation and the proper way to use primary and secondary resources in my work. Also, I learned to integrate every source and obtain the most important information for my investigation. It was very comforting for me to learn about all these investigation methods and to be able to use the recommendation that our professor gave us. At the beginning of the course, I had a very basic idea how to conduct research in graduate school, however, now I have ended the course with many tools that have enforced my investigation abilities for both graduate school and later on in my professional life.

In regards to working in a group, this was a very rewarding experience for me because it allowed me to work with classmates from very distinct ethnic backgrounds and a different point of view from me. I learned a lot from the feedback that my classmates provided and the advice from the professor.

I am very satisfied with the work I did throughout this class and would like to take the time to thank Professor Sayidina for the time, patience, and advice that she provided to me. Also, I must say that this changed the way in which I see investigation and gave me the tools to become a better professional.”

-Edgar Vallejo, Toluca, Mexico, Master of Paralegal Studies Class of 2016-




"I wanted to thank Professor Siczek for all of her work and the support that she gave to me. It was such a great time in the EAP class. I am so relieved that I took this class before taking UW. I really appreciated her advice and learned a lot from the well-prepared materials and assignments. She made my first semester meaningful. I won't forget it.

Through the course I learned how to formalize my writing in English. Writing in a second language can be very difficult for international students like me because of different formats and disparate usage of expressions, but the EAP course taught me how to write in specific ways with lots of application through homework and class materials. Before proceeding to the UW class or any other classes that require writing, this class is perfect prerequisite course for international students."

-Gyujin Shin, Republic of Korea, GWSB Class of 2017-


"Other than improving my academic writing skills, EAP class provided me with a great opportunity to become a better researcher in my field. After participating in the EAP class, I believe that, instead of just requiring international students who have TOEFL scores below 100, this course should be included as a general requirement for every graduate student at GW. While required courses in each program train graduate students with the skills to carry out academic research, EAP class trains students with lots of writing skills that are critical for graduate students to express themselves academically. From my experience, it was very hard to express myself clearly in English, and it was even harder for me to express myself academically in English. With the materials from EAP class taught by Professor Jacobsen, I was able to better understand how to express myself clearly and concisely in English and how to express my research topics academically. Other than teaching crucial academic writing skills patiently and thoroughly, professor Natalia also kindly provided opportunities for students to give a presentation in front of class and gave us some timely feedback about our presentation. With the experience and feedback, I further learned the skills to become a good presenter. I believe that the experience and knowledge from EAP class will surely help me in my future career."

-Tzu-Jui Mao, Taoyuan City, Taiwan, GWSB Class of 2015-



"I had a whole new experience in having class at GW because of the attitude of the professors and the students. My favorite class was Academic Communication (EAP 1010). It is an English speaking course which teaches students how to communicate in academic situations. We had different settings like panel discussions, being a discussion leader, proposing ideas, seminars, etc. This was the smallest class I have ever taken, hence, every student had his/her own opportunity to speak. The class was composed of students from different places, hence, I could even learn something from their culture and how they view things. We were very close and we knew each other really well, we even had a farewell party in the last class. Moreover, Professor Siczek is nice and caring. Although she would give us difficult tasks, she would make sure that we understood what to do and we could email her or meet her when we needed help. After each assignment or presentation, she would give us feedback to encourage us and to point out the areas which needed improvements. Therefore, I felt that I was very close with the professor and the classmates and also I learned a lot from that course."

-Puiieng (Cherry) Ho, Exchange Student from the University of Macau Honours College for spring 2015-


"The EAP Academic Writing & Research course provides a precious opportunity for improving my English writing ability. In my point of view, writing is much harder than reading, listening and speaking in English learning; it is worth taking the course to enhance English writing skills. Moreover, this course also focuses on academic writing, which is quite different from usual English writing. For example, from taking this course I have learnt what is the appropriate style or tone in academic writing, why the old-to-new information flow is important, how to avoid plagiarism by using the correct citation format, and what the widely used CARS model for writing research article introduction is about. Having this knowledge and abilities could be helpful to my academic career, because at the time when I write a research paper, I could devote more energy to express my main ideas rather than to paper's language or structure. Last but not least, I really enjoyed the course given by Professor Natalia D. Jacobsen and learned a lot from it. The students were highly involved in this class. We had group discussion and class discussion almost in every class; during the discussion time, I could share my own ideas and discuss them with classmates and professor. Through such a group working, I got the chance to communicate with the students who came from different countries with distinct backgrounds. That was a very interesting and impressive experience for me. I greatly appreciate having the EAP class in my first semester. It gave me a good beginning for studying in the U.S. as an international student. Also, it paved the way for writing research articles in the future.


-Shuyue (Frank) Guan, Harbin, China, SEAS Class of 2017- 


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