Domjam, Krisztina

Dr. Krisztina Domjan

Address: 2114 G St. NW
Washington, District Of Columbia
[email protected]

Dr. K Domjan is a progressive and compassionate educator who taught English Composition, Developmental English, EFL, ESL/EAL, EAP, and ESOL courses in Hungary, in England and in the USA.  She is an advocate of lifelong learning, professional development, innovative teaching practices, continuous fieldwork and qualitative research in education.   She enjoys creating extra opportunities for students to improve their skills and abilities via instructional videos explaining certain concepts on her YouTube channel, and via frequent posts on her educational blogs to provide further guidance. To her dedication means embracing innovation, change and sharing expertise so that others can benefit from it. Her students document and reflect on their learning, share their work, display their learning in different ways.  As an educator she considers creativity as a must and to to stay a life-long learner.  She models a growth mindset and tries out new things like using tech tools effectively. She believes in collaborating with colleagues and learners, advocating for personal and professional growth and innovation, but most importantly building the foundation for the success of the learners: caring, being sensitive, fostering a sense of competence, and allowing students to lead, too: allowing them to pursue a learner driven education where they can co-plan, contribute to assignments, and accept responsibility for the outcomes of their actions.